Al-Sawt  الصوت

Is an Idea Box that regroup Cool projects that would help contribute to put more arabic content on the ears of people that speak this lovely language.

Ratings (624)
Ratings (624)


we are working on different Projects at the Moment

Studio.T (Tarek&Go)

Is a series of Podcast, where we talk about different effective subjects, concerning the Technology and Society Field in general.

This Podcast invite speakers from different fields and Horizon.

The Little Swiss Boy

Is a series small Stories, dedicated to Kids between 06–14 years old.

Those Stories are ScienceFiction Stories that have the goal to create bridge between the Historical Arabic Important personages and the Future.

Working on a cool project

stay tooned we cannot say much at the moment, but we think you'll like it.

Sound is not just waves!
is how word transport ideas and feeling

Sound was always a favorite way to communicate

even more today with the new technology, we can even store it share it and distribute it in a blink of an eye

We started our Podcast on November 2020

We are since then amazed how people like our podcast and share it on their community.

The Little Swiss Boy is our next big Project

We realised that there is big gap on the children audio books in  fantastic or science fiction Stories. we try to address this problem using the futuristic idea with the historique personnage and idols from our rich patremoine and history.

Sound without the ears could not exist!

We thing a lot about the way that we can can contribute and be creative on this era because the content is very important now. and  since the mediums in our days are multiple and endless.

CEO, Bern

You have a project where sound is the Medium

we are always looking for new ideas! so get in touch we us and we will happy to hear what you are thinking about

You have an Idea, get in contact with us!

We are always looking for creative Ideas and People that help make this world little more better for every one.